One of the very first questions I got when a client approach me in order to complete a freelance project is: “What is your hourly rate ?” I’ll share with you my point of view about rates. How I work and why I do so.


I think hourly is a great idea when it comes to code a website or write some code. I do not think it is a good idea when it comes to design. You may ask “why?”. Well, “design” is a creative discipline and when it comes to creative fields, things are more complicated than you actually thought. Instead of being concentrated because the clock is ticking and I have to show something to my client, I prefer to lay back, holding a coffee in one hand and the iPad in the other hand and brainstorm about what I will do next. I read very often articles while I’m involved in a particular project just to make sure that I’m on the right path. All of these take time. So I would like to avoid any kind of stress because later will kill the creativity.


Weekly payment is good when the client’s projects will take a while, when the job is not just about one project and when you or the client don’t want a full-time contract. I worked before on weekly basis and I had a good experience. Anyway, you should estimate the work load very carefully before you say a weekly price or sign a contract.

Project Basis:

Most of the freelance projects I made were on project basis. The client paid for the entire project with 50% of the payment upfront and 50% at the end of the project. This approach is flexible because the client does not care how many hours I am working per day as soon as I deliver the work in time.

How do you charge your clients ?

Which one do you think is the best practice ? Which one you’re using ?

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