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Migrate a Live WordPress Website To Localhost

In many cases you may want to make changes to an existing WordPress website. The only problem is that the website is live, online, and you don’t want to do anything to mess things up “live” or you don’t want to ruin user’s experience by showing them new stuff or errors while they’re browsing the website. So what you can do ?

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Don’t be a Junior Software Developer!

The “junior software developer” role it is an exciting position to be in. You have Senior Developers willing to help you out, explain and teach what you don’t know or have little knowledge about. It is an exciting role because you are in a “learning phase” and you should make the most out of it.

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Casting and Type Conversions in C#

Casting is the process when a a value stored in a variable is forced into a variable of a different data type by converting the value to different type.

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Hourly, Weekly or Project Basis ?

One of the very first questions I got when a client approach me in order to complete a freelance project is: “What is your hourly rate ?” I’ll share with you my point of view about rates. How I work and why I do so.

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